RELAX-A-MIST™ is a Canadian Manufacturer of Residential and Commercial
Steam Bath Equipment.

Steam is a wonderful way to take care of yourself on a daily basis. It assists in the cleansing of skin tissues, by the elimination of impurities through perspiration, it intensifies aroma therapy. Steam relaxes the body and soothes tired, aching muscles.

Proudly manufactured in Burnaby, BC for over 30 years. A family business that will always stand behind their products. Throughout the entire production and manufacturing process parts and equipment are constantly tested to maintain the highest quality and ensure product longevity.

RELAX-A-MIST™ offers a selection of finishes for the steam nozzles and control pads. Upgrade features available such as the Programmable Time and Temp controls, Chromotherapy Lighting, and electric automatic drains.

One of the nicest things about a RELAX-A-MIST™ steam bath is the quick response time. Usually with in 2-3 minutes you can start to see vapor. In 7 - 15 minutes it is up to steam and in you go, unlike saunas that can take 45 or more minutes to heat up.

Steam baths are chemical free way to have some luxury in your home. Plus, with RELAX-A-MIST™ steam generators are energy efficient, using
less than 3 liters of water and less than $0.20 per use.*
*Ex. based on a model JR2 running for 30 mins and $0.09/KWH

RELAX-A-MIST™ steam generators are designed for easy concealment and can be installed up to 25 feet away. They are easy to install, do not require pressure relief valves and GFCI breakers, and drain hook ups are optional, decreasing installation time and material costs.

RELAX-A-MIST™ manufactures six models of SG Commercial Steam Generators that will steam and heat large rooms up to 1,685 cubic feet. Designed for efficiency, RELAX-A-MIST™ steam generators operate on a daily basis. Start-up and shut down is automatic saving staff time each day. A built-in 24 hour time clock controls the daily operation or, if desired, the unit can be connected to a remote switching device such as a master computer to control the hours of operation.

Control and Finish Options:

Quick Touch Timer

Programmble Time & Temperature Control

1/2" Steam Nozzle with aromatherapy

Specifications and Price sheets:

Residential Models JR-1 & JR-2
Residential Models JR-3 & JR-4
Models CR-9 & CR-11
Models CR-12 & CR-14
Commercial Generators SG Series

Residential Installation and Maintenance

Commercial Installation and Maintenance


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